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Who Can Offer New or Used Backhoe Financing?

Backhoe Financng

Do You Need Backhoe Financing? The ability to access backhoe financing for new or used equipment can make or break a small business. You’re likely to find plenty of equipment finance companies out there to choose from, but how do you pick the right one? Well, we asked our clients to shop around and find out what type of programs are being offered by these other equipment finance companies. Do some research on the company. A simple Google search will tell you many of Read More

Using Collateral to Buy More Equipment Infographic

Some business owners aren’t aware they can use their existing equipment as collateral to expand their business and buy more equipment. You may have some blemishes on your credit, but through First Capital, you can still obtain financing. What most business owners don’t realize is there is financing available to them even if they have some issues on their credit. Specifically for this program, the business owner would need to own collateral and in this case that would be other Read More

Can I Get Mini Excavator Financing?

finance mini excavator financing

Does Your Business Need to Finance a Mini Excavator? Do you need to mini excavator financing? Whether you’re looking to buy new or used, you’re most likely on our site to learn more about financing options. We encourage our clients to always have an idea on what type of equipment they need, as well as their budget. From there we can find out what they are qualified for, and then go out and find the right piece of equipment. If you haven’t Read More