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How To Reward Employees Without Breaking The Bank

It doesn’t have to be expensive when rewarding your employees Whether you are managing three personnel or a team of thirty, recognizing and rewarding the accomplishments of your employees is critically important. Taking the time so say “job well done” will not only help boost morale, it can also prevent turnover. However, while reward vouchers and bonus schemes are the norm, the recent economic challenges dictate small business owners to seek more cost-effective alternatives to reward employees. So how do Read More

Business Loans

Can your bank move fast on your business loan? Assuming that you’re now committed to starting your own business, it’s time to make important decisions to reach your goal. The most important issue that you have to resolve at the outset is where the money will come from. There are two basic methods with which to finance your start-up, that is: 1. Bootstrapping or the internal generation of funds- You tap into your own resources like personal savings and assets plus Read More

Business Loans No Tax Return

Business Loans That Don’t Require Tax Returns Did you know you can still get business loans without providing  your tax returns? If you have already contacted your bank to see what the requirements are for a small business loan, you have already discovered the amount of paperwork might not be obtainable for your situation. Because of all the red tape the banks have seen some of their clients finding alternative solutions for the business loans. Less paperwork is becoming a Read More

Heavy Equipment Loan

buy used heavy equipment financing

Follow these 4 easy steps before you buy used heavy equipment. If you are in the market to buy a used piece of heavy equipment, not only do you want to make sure you are getting a good deal, but there are a few basic steps you will want to follow before making your purchase. Make sure you are buying from a reputable dealer/vendor Make sure you are paying market or below market price Make sure the equipment comes with Read More