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Financing for PTO/Blowers for Pneumatic Trailers

PTO / Blower Financing is available through our equipment financing department. If you’re in the frac sand business you already know finding a used truck with a blower already installed is very difficult to find. So most buyers are looking to install the blower after they find the truck. If you don’t have the luxury with having the extra capital to buy one outright, you’ll need to find another solution. First Capital Business Finance offers nationwide financing programs for both new and used equipment. If you’re a start-up owner operator or if you have a fleet of trucks, we can help finance any type of equipment. This this type of equipment must be installed on the truck, most lenders require the truck to be free and clear of any liens if’ you are looking to finance the blower. However we have programs that don’t have this requirement. There are other ways to get the capital to pay for the equipment, it’s best to speak with one of our advisors to see what you qualify for.

UPDATE: 10/2016

We’ve seen a recent increase in requests for financing blowers. Word on the street, the trucking companies are no longer paying for the blowers. Whereas before, if you were going to lease on with a company, the trucking company would pay for the blower and the install and would take out monthly payments from your settlements. With the slow down in the industry earlier this year, a lot of these trucking companies weren’t paid for those blowers, so they are now requesting the blowers be installed on the truck before leasing on with them.

Programs & Terms

We offer a wide variety of leasing products, both from A credit to the credit challenged business owner. The majority of our leasing programs offer little to  zero down payment options with terms ranging from 24 months to 60 months. We understand some business owners might have some difficulty obtaining financing through traditional means like through their bank or credit union. That’s where we shine, we are the premier alternative solution for financing businesses. We also offer asset-based financing for the more challenged situations on heavy equipment, trucks & trailers.

Our Equipment Financing Programs is Available for All Businesses:

  • Start-Ups – OK
  • 1 Day Out of Bankruptcy – OK (for heavy equipment only with values exceeding $10,000)
  • Does Not Require Tax Returns or Financials Up to $200,000
  • Average to Bad Credit is Acceptable – OK
  • Repossessions & Late Payments – OK
  • Financing Amounts from $1,000 to $5,000,000

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Trailer Financing