Dear Dustin,                  I want to take a moment to thank you and your staff. When other small business lenders say no, First Capital Financing say’s YES. You and your co-workers do what it takes to help small businesses. I remember calling you one time to hear that you were going to work loan over the weekend to prepare it to the under writers on Monday. I really appreciated you being devoted to us and getting things done Read More

  Testimonial from another of our fantastic clients who purchased a truck with our financing! “David was absolutely unbelievable, he was right on with everything and on time with everything and got everything I needed and how I needed it.” -J. Michaels

  “Dave was very patient with me.  He provided me with anything I need, any time I needed to talk to Dave I could get in contact with him either through email or phone call, he was very easy to get in contact with.  He stayed in contact with me and kept me in the loop of the process the whole time.  I had a very comfortable experience…” -M. Williams

  “It was Perfect…it was very good, Dave has been calling me every day just to make sure I get everything done, all the requirements met.  He actually calls me sometimes over the weekend, this guy works overtime, he is good.” -Peter M.

First Capital Business Finance testimonial

  “Went through Dave 3 times already, I did a capital loan the first time, then got our truck refinanced, and another capital loan.  Every time I’ve dealt with him he’s been very professional and super fast.” -K. Morgan