Semi Truck Financing

Semi Truck Financing With No Money Down Is Here!

No Money Down Semi Truck Financing

If you’ve spoken to other companies, you might have come to the conclusion you will be needing a decent size down payment if you’re in the market for a semi truck. Well we have a little secret, and we can do zero down payment on a specific type of semi truck. This program is very unique, there are no age limits or restrictions on miles, we can even do startup owner operators just getting into the business. Here are the requirements for this program:


  • Application must have a CDL
  • Semi Truck must be a day cab, no sleepers allowed for this program
  • Startups are OK
  • Funding available from $10,000 to $100,000 (limited to $49,000 if under 2 years time in business)
  • Application must have “B” credit or better (approx 620 score)
  • Zero down payment, 1st & last months payment due at closing
  • Private party sellers are OK


This is a great way to get into the transportation business with very limited funds. Lower your risk by finding a more affordable day cab, and keep your capital for unexpected expenses versus putting a down payment. We’ve all heard the stories, and we all know there will be some unforeseen expenses.

Our Application Process:

Complete our one page application which can be found on our Contact Us page. Fax that into our office at 888-762-0002, if you have a truck picked out already, please include the invoice or quote. Once we receive your credit package, you’ll get a call from one of our advisors informing you we have your package and it’ll take approximately 4 hours to get an answer. It’s that simple!

If you’re ready to start the process, give one our our advisors a call 888-565-6692.