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When others say no, First Capital says YES

Dear Dustin,
I want to take a moment to thank you and your staff. When other small business lenders say no, First Capital Financing says YES. You and your coworkers do what it takes to help small businesses.
–Jeremiah J Landscaping Co.

If you’re Looking for Business Loans or Equipment Financing in Kansas City, First Capital has Hassle-Free Financing Options

Kansas City is tucked on Missouri’s western edge, close to the border with Kansas and has a steady business economic growth due to the diverse industries based here. The city hosts a large number of technology-based, freight-based companies, and service centers.

Kansas City has an employment growth rate of 1.5 percent. Furthermore, business growth is projected in industries like production, government, and service sector.

With a good business climate, Kansas City, MO, offers plentitude of growth opportunities to budding engineers and entrepreneurs.

Supporting Your Growth with Flexible Funding Options

At First Capital Business Finance, we design funding programs that match your equipment finance needs with business cycles. We help you meet business challenges, when you require it, allowing improved cash flow with lesser risks.

With our simple and hassle-free financing options, you can upgrade or acquire equipment loans in many industries. Injecting funds to spur growth in turn preserves the working capital for routine purposes.

We know banks are picky when it comes to equipment leasing, business loans, or cash advances. So, we have laid a fast approval and simple funding process for you.

First Capital Business Finance is the Best Choice for Business Funding with These Benefits:

  • Flexible payment options

  • Flexible business loans available

  • Customized funding options to suit all business types

  • Loan terms varying from 12-72 months

  • 100% financing

Our experienced underwriting professionals create specific solutions depending on your specialized equipment needs, business cycles, and other strategic factors. We provide faster approvals within 2-5 days of your application, and funding takes another five days. That’s the time it takes to set your business on the way to success.

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Read below to see the answers to our top 3 Frequently Asked Questions!

1. How do I apply?

You can do your application over the phone with one of our advisors. Just call 888-510-3573. You can download our credit applications HERE. You can submit your contact information online using our form. Then the next available advisor will reach out to you.

2. How long does it take to get funded?

Depending on the type of equipment, and dollar amount, transactions can fund in as little as 24 hours. Again, this will depend if you and the equipment qualifies.

3. How long does it take to get approved?

Typical turn-around times are 24 hours, or sometimes even quicker than that! In very rare cases, it may take longer due to the time of the year and volume of applications we are working on

Learn the rest of the most Frequently Asked Questions here

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