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When Others Say NO, First Capital Says YES

Dear Dustin,
I want to take a moment to thank you and your staff. When other small business lenders say NO, First Capital Financing says YES. You and your coworkers do what it takes to help small businesses.
–Jeremiah J Landscaping Co.

First Capital provides 24-Hour Approval for your Business Loans, Equipment Financing & Leasing in Columbus

By most measures, the city of Columbus, OH, is on an economic sugar-high. GDP is growing at a steady rate of 0.79% per year adding billions to its growth, unemployment is low and inflation is historically low.

The city has outpaced many other leading metros in terms of job and industrial growth. Yes, and the technology sector is picking up pace with a growing number of talented pool of workers moving into the city.

Columbus, OH, has a generally strong and diverse economy in sectors like education, business services, retail trade, healthcare, and manufacturing. Increasing per capita income and housing prices has led to an impressive economic development of the entire region.

With favorable business growth, there’s also an increasing need for business finance, especially for small businesses struggling to meet their capital requirements. At First Capital, we offer structured financing options to help them get the money they need.

Your Number One Resource for Secure and Customized Business Funding

First Capital provides small businesses an opportunity to grow their operations and open new doors. We have smart funding solutions with options like equipment leasing, business loans, and cash advances.
If you think your business capital is depleting faster than you can manage, apply for structured funding with us. We place great value on strong relationships based on a holistic approach to supporting your venture.
When banks turn you down, come to us for viable funding to meet your demands for new equipment purchases, inventory expansion, cash flow maintenance, or developing new products.

First Capital Is Here to Help Every Business in Columbus, OH with These Benefits:

  • Get fast loan approvals
  • Flexibility in loan terms and payment options
  • Terms may span from 12 to 72 months
  • No ambiguity in loan conditions and 100% financing available

Take your small venture to the next level with our convenient funding options. Since our process is fast and hassle-free, expect your loan approval within 2-5 days. We take five more days to transfer the funds to your business account to kickstart your operations.

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Our Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I apply?

You can complete your application over the phone with one of our advisers. Just call 888-510-3573. You can download our credit applications HERE. You can submit your contact information online using our form. Then the next available adviser will reach out to you.

2. How long does it take to get funded?

Depending on the type of equipment and dollar amount, transactions can fund in as little as 24 hours. Again, this will depend upon whether you and the equipment qualifies.

3. How long does it take to get approved?

Typical turn-around times are 24 hours, or sometimes even quicker than that! In very rare cases, it may take longer due to the time of the year and volume of applications we are working on.


Learn more about our Frequently Asked Questions here.


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