Bad Credit Equipment Financing


Asset-Based Direct Lease Programs

Bad credit or no credit

This program is specifically tailored for credit challenged business owners. This would include recent bankruptcy, tax liens, judgements, collections, and even previous repossessions. Having bad credit or no credit is no longer an issue when it comes to this aggressive asset-based program.

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Start-ups can get financing, too

Most financing programs require a minimum of 2 to 3 years length of time in the business and same line of work. We offer financing to businesses that has just been in business for one day, there is no minimum time required for this program.

Proof of income requirements

It can’t be any simpler than this; no tax returns, no income statements, no balance sheets, no P&L statements, absolutely no mounds of paperwork. All that is required to get an approval is the last three months of business bank statements. If you would like additional working capital, just submit an additional 3 months bank statements and we can get your business the extra capital.

Why are your requirements so easy?

This is an asset-based program, which means one of two things; either there needs to be extra collateral that can be used to cross collateralize with the financing that is being offered; or there needs to be a substantial security deposit made. Both of these options will lower the chances of default by a credit risked client.

Eligible Equipment

  • New or Used
  • Commercial Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Agriculture
  • Yellow Iron
  • Construction Equipment

Absolutely Unbelievable!

Testimonial from another of our fantastic clients who purchased a truck with our financing! “David was absolutely unbelievable, he was right on with everything and on time with everything and got everything I needed and how I needed it.
–J. Michaels

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Bad Credit Equipment Financing