Crack Sealing Kettle Financing

Asphalt & Pavement Equipment like a Crack Sealing Kettles also known as Sealcoat Melting Kettles can be financed through First Capital Business Finance. Thanks to our large variety of financing programs, we can offer our clients the best terms to acquire their equipment needed to continue their business without any delays. We understand the importance of having the right tools and equipment to keep your business running full speed ahead. We make every effort to get you approved for the financing your business needs in the shortest amount of time.

Crack Sealing Kettle Financing

Programs & Terms

We offer a wide variety of leasing products, both from A credit to the credit challenged business owner. The majority of our leasing programs offer little to zero down payment options with terms ranging from 24 months to 84 months. We understand some business owners might have some difficulty obtaining financing through traditional means like through their bank or credit union. That’s where we shine, we are the premier alternative solution for financing businesses. We also offer asset-based financing for more challenging situations.

 Our Asset-Based Program Allows:

  • Start-Ups – OK
  • 1 Day Out of Bankruptcy – OK
  • Does Not Require Tax Returns or Financials
  • Average to Bad Credit – OK
  • Repossessions & Late Payments – OK

More Than One Solution

Unlike most equipment financing companies, First Capital Business Finance offers both equipment financing programs as well as working capital loans. What that means is, if for whatever reason you might not qualify for one of our equipment financing programs, we still have the ability with a more liberal program like our working capital business loan. With the proceeds, you can buy equipment, pay for marketing, expand or remodel your place of business; there are no limitations to the use of the proceeds!

Why use us to finance your next piece of equipment:

  • Less than perfect credit or bad credit is not an issue
  • Flexible terms up to 84 months
  • Very minimal paperwork needed
  • Approvals within 48 hours or less
  • Excellent customer service

Contact Us

To learn more about our financing programs, please call us at 888-565-6692