Container Handler Financing

Container Handler Financing is available through our equipment leasing department. Whether it be an empty, loaded or rough terrain container handlers; it can be financed with our company. If your shipping yard, freight yard, or railyard is in need of a container forklift, we can assist. First Capital Business Finance offers nationwide financing programs for both new and used equipment. If your terminal is looking to replace one or even a fleet of container handlers we offer financing from $10,000 to $10,000,000.

container handler forklift

We understand these handlers can be costly even if they are used, they can run over $100,000. That’s why we have programs that will allow financing for used equipment. If your able to source the right deal for the right price especially if the equipment was kept in good condition, serviced and maintained properly over the years, you can most likely get a few more used container handlers/forklifts for the price of a new one.

Programs & Terms

We offer a wide variety of financing and leasing products, both from A credit to the credit challenged business owner. Yes, even if you have bad credit we have a programs that are specifically for business owners who have bad credit or even no credit. The majority of our leasing programs offer little to  zero down payment options with terms ranging from 24 months to 84 months. We understand some business owners might have some difficulty obtaining financing through traditional means like through their bank or credit union. That’s where we shine, we are the premier alternative solution for financing businesses. We also offer asset-based financing for the more challenged situations.

Our Asset-Based Program Allows:

  • Start-Ups – OK
  • 1 Day Out of Bankruptcy – OK
  • Does Not Require Tax Returns or Financials
  • Average to Bad Credit is Acceptable – OK
  • Repossessions & Late Payments – OK

How to Qualify for Financing a Shipping Container Handler?:

If you’re looking to get the qualifications for financing a container handler or any other equipment, the fastest and easiest way is to either speak to one of our advisors. If you don’t prefer to speak at this time, we also have an online help desk that you can find in your lower right hand corner. You can chat from your mobile device or computer with a live representative. We typically will have someone available at most hours of the day.

Here are some good tips on what we’ll need to know when it comes to prequalifying you for financing:

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. What type of equipment are you looking to finance?
  3. Is the equipment new or used?
  4. What is the cost of the equipment?
  5. How many owners are there for the business?
  6. How is the credit for all owners of the business?
  7. How is the business credit?

That will typically cover enough grounds to get the ball rolling and from there your advisor should be able to determine what programs you will qualify for, and what the process would be if you wanted to proceed.

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Container Handler Financing