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Veterinary equipment or apparatus (i.e. instruments, implements, machines, structures, tools) or processes for enhancing or controlling the breeding of companions, domesticated, exotic, or wild animals (e.g. artificial vaginas, uterus disinfecting means), wherein the apparatus or processes are specially adapted to be only usable with animals.

New and Used Veterinary Equipment and Supplies Financing

veterinary equipment and supplies

First Capital Business Finance is proud to offer loans for veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, and other veterinary practices. There are so many great benefits, and it’s easy to get approved. Beginning a career as an animal doctor is exciting, but securing a veterinary equipment loan can be more nerve-wracking than delivering a preemie colt! In a world where vet school can cost upwards of $200K, the expense for durable medical equipment can be discouraging. Dreams of making sick animals well Read More

Medical Equipment Loans: Provide Better Care Faster

Medical Equipment Financing

Medical equipment loans are a cost-effective solution for medical facilities struggling to provide the best care for patients. The future is here – and the change it brings is unstoppable. While that’s great news for many suffering from a myriad of medical conditions, the high price tag that often accompanies new medical technology can mean that some facilities go without equipment that they need. This equipment does much more than make medical professionals’ lives easier – it often saves lives. Read More

Durable Medical Equipment Financing

Durable Medical Equipment Financing

Get the Medical Equipment You Need If you’re looking for durable medical equipment financing, you must keep in mind of criteria for your equipment. Durable medical equipment is defined, in part, as any piece of medical equipment prescribed to someone by a physician for use in the patient’s home for therapeutic benefits, due to a medical condition or illness. It must meet these criteria: Can be reused over and over Used for only medical purposes Must be used for a specific Read More

6 Ways Medical Equipment Loans Can Help You

Medical Equipment Loans

Equipment Financing for Medical Clinics, Offices, and Related Practices Medical Equipment Loans are designed to help you grow your medical clinic, office, or related practice. Without the capital needed to invest in adequate medical equipment, however, getting your practice off the ground can be an uphill battle, or non-starter altogether. Our clients use our business loans and medical equipment financing programs for a variety of reasons. Here are the top 6 reasons why they choose medical equipment loans to help grow Read More

Veterinary Business Loan

Veterinary Practice Loans and Financing

Are you looking for alternative ways to finance your practice? Beginning a career as an animal doctor is exciting, no doubt, but securing a veterinary business equipment loan can be more nerve bending than delivering a preemie colt!  In a world where just the schooling for becoming a vet can cost over $200,000, the expense  for medical equipment can be daunting to downright discouraging.  Dreams of making sick animals well and bringing smiles to the faces of loving owners can Read More