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Whether you have an invention or a skill you want to share with the world or you simply like the idea of working for yourself, there are plenty of reasons to pursue small business ownership.

Business Loans For Bad Credit Business Owners

Business Loans for Bad Credit

More to Consider Lots of business owners, especially those who might be in the start up phase of their first business or new to procuring a business loan, might think that bad credit automatically means that you will not get a loan. However, this is not always the case, especially if you are not willing to give up, do your homework and weigh your options carefully. You can find ways to finance you business with business loans for bad credit. Read More

Dealership Equipment Financing vs Private Party

Dealership Equipment Financing

If you’re in the market to buy some equipment for your business, you might consider buying the equipment used to save money. Now when it comes to equipment financing, there’s a huge difference when buying from a dealer versus a private party. Both dealership equipment financing and private party equipment financing have their ups and downs. Most business owners don’t realize how making the right decision in the beginning can save them time and money. Dealership Equipment Financing When buying from a dealer they Read More

Do Not Sell Your Clients, Provide Value for Them

The market place today is very tricky especially to the seller. The buyer today has become so knowledgeable of the market thanks to the many sellers and an influx of information especially from Google! Almost any product you present on the market today, the customer knows much about it. They know much about other similar products in the market, and they could have used the product before and maybe been left disappointed. As such, convincing a buyer that your product Read More

Commercial Truck Financing Qualifications

Commercial Truck Financing

The Pre-Qualifying Questions of Commercial Truck Financing Do you need a truck, but are having trouble finding out what the commercial truck financing qualifications are? Let’s cover some major key points every owner/operator or small business owner wants to know before financing a commercial vehicle. Do You Need Good Credit for Commercial Truck Financing? If you end up calling our office chances are you might get me on the phone, and I would say that is the most common question we get from our clients. The Read More

Benefits of Semi Truck Financing Instead of Buying

Semi Truck Financing

Is Semi Truck Financing Right for Me? Trying to decide between semi truck financing and buying a semi truck, is kind of like deciding whether to buy new or used. If you’re a trucker or in the trucking business, you already know that your truck is your number one asset. Needs less to say, you need to get the best deal for your money. Answering this question is actually less about personal preference, and more about choosing the best finance option for you and Read More

Fuel Saving Tips For Big Rigs

As an owner operator one of largest expenses you have is fuel and maintenance on your truck. Luckily gas prices are down right now, but let’s not forget where prices were almost double todays price. Those days will be back, and you’ll want to make sure you are already taking the right step forward on saving fuel. Don’t worry, there’s technology to help you with these tasks to make this easier on you! Aerodynamics These trucks are built & tested Read More

4 Traits of Successful Business Owners

Restaurant Equipment Financing

Restaurant Equipment Leasing Becoming a business owner is a huge undertaking, especially in the restaurant business. You might find that expenses are higher than expected, or you need a new piece of equipment right away to replace an older unit. First Capital provides restaurant equipment leasing for anything you might need. Not everyone who sets out on the path of business ownership is exactly prepared for what lies ahead of them. However, just because an individual may lack a few Read More

Financing Big Rig Trucks After A Repossession

Yes, You Can Finance A Commercial Truck Even With A Previous Repossession! One of the most common questions we’ve been seeing are from truck drivers who have had the unfortunate experience with losing a vehicle to a repossession. If you had to go through a similar misfortune, First Capital Business Finance has the ability to extend financing to business owners who are seeking financing for trucks, trailers or heavy equipment. We believe in giving the second chance to business owners Read More

Who Are The Top Five Business Banks

Business Bank

Best business banks to consider when opening a bank account for your company. Running a business today, you have to work with one or several banks. Paying your employees and handling expenses are some of the basic reasons why you need a professional business bank as an owner of a business. If you have high dreams of growing your business, then it is most likely that at one time you will also need a loan to finance necessary growth in Read More

Business Loans

Business financing

Can your bank move fast on your business loan? Assuming that you’re now committed to starting your own business, it’s time to make important decisions to reach your goal. The most important issue that you have to resolve at the outset is where the money will come from. There are two basic methods with which to finance your start-up, that is: 1. Bootstrapping or the internal generation of funds- You tap into your own resources like personal savings and assets plus Read More