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Small business loans give business owners access to capital to invest in their business. In the typical small business loan structure, a lender will give a business owner money, which the business owner must pay back, with interest, over a predetermined period of time. There are a variety of business loans available—from term loans, SBA loans, to business lines of credit.

What Can Business Loans Be Used For?

Business loans

Business loans. You can’t get them off your mind. You’d like to apply for one, but you’re not sure if you can. What if you can’t use a business loan for what you’re wanting to do? Could your business even use a loan right now? If you want to know what a business loan can be used for, you’re in luck. Below we’re going to over what small business and business loans can be used for. Are You Thinking About Read More

Uber ATG: A New Age for Trucking

Commercial Truck Financing

Uber enters the trucking scene, buys startup Otto Goal: line of autonomous trucks called Uber ATG Get Commercial Truck Financing Now! It’s 2017 and we are living in what is called a “sharing economy.” Though considered an umbrella term with various different meanings, the “sharing economy” is widely used to describe today’s market landscape. Everything has gone digital – online transactions and interactions are all the rage, and the market has taken notice of that and jumped on the bandwagon. Read More

Lessons Learnt From the Mistakes of Larger Companies (i.e. Sony)

When starting your small company, the biggest fear is the fear of failure due to some unforeseen mistakes. Making mistakes is part of the business but one should endeavor to avoid making any fatal mistake. Small businesses usually make the most mistakes in business due to inexperience but it does not mean that large companies are immune to making mistakes as we have often witnessed with several mega-companies. There are many lessons that one can learn from the mistakes of Read More

Who Are The Top Five Business Banks

Business Bank

Best business banks to consider when opening a bank account for your company. Running a business today, you have to work with one or several banks. Paying your employees and handling expenses are some of the basic reasons why you need a professional business bank as an owner of a business. If you have high dreams of growing your business, then it is most likely that at one time you will also need a loan to finance necessary growth in Read More

Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans

Is your business contributing to America’s growth? Al Gore once said that small business is the engine that drives the economic growth of America. Defined by the Small Business Administration (SBA) as any business with less than 500 employees, small businesses still make up a large majority of the economy. Most big companies started small, often in someone’s garage or apartment. Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Bill Gates and Sam Walton are just some of the entrepreneurs who came from humble Read More

Harness the Power of Technology

Finance Tablets with Bad Credit

How Tablets Have Reshaped Business In the last decade or so, the world has seen how technology has completely changed the way we do business. Probably the biggest game changer of them all is the tablet. In a study made by Business Insider published in 2013, 1 in every 17 people currently uses a tablet. The numbers are not as big as smartphone ownership (1 in every 2 people), but tablet users are more active online. Considering that the first Read More

What Could You Outsource?

What Could You Outsource

If you are a small business owner its very possible that you are burning the candle at both ends.  Studies have proven that in the first ten years following start-ups, small business owners are some of the hardest working people in the nation.  You are also likely to be a person who finds it difficult to trust others with “your baby.”  After all, you have your blood, sweat, tears and your money wrapped up in your dream. But maybe its Read More

Truck Mounted Grinder Loan

Truck Mounted Grinder Loan

Looking to buy a new or used grinder but need financing? For a large or small landscaping business owner or a farm-service provider, a truck mounted grinder can be the most important piece of equipment one can own.  These powerful “tub grinders” have 400-1200 horsepower engines that can gobble up hale bales or tree stumps and reducing them to piddling piles of easily disposed waste or finely ground granules for feed.  And having such a piece of equipment can allow Read More

Thinking About Opening A School Or University?

International American University

Los Angeles business owner tells us about his business in education. To continue our new series of interviews with some local small business owners, we got in the mind of this managing partner in education, and hopefully from his experience other business owners can learn something. We didn’t want our articles to only have information about business loans or financing.  So todays article is about someone whose business is important to our future. We were fortunate enough to sit with Read More

Why Isn’t Your Business On Instagram?

Instagram Marketing 101 If you own a small business and you’re not on Instagram yet you need to ask yourself why not?! Yes, more social media! Depending on the type of business you own, Instagram may or may not work for you. If you’re not familiar with Instagram yet, you need to check it out! Instagram is a photo-sharing social networking company. It is most commonly found on mobile devices like your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. You can still Read More