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A loan product created by a lender and offered to borrowers. It has a specific set of features and costs, which must be disclosed to consumers before they can be bound by its terms. Mortgage loan programs can be defined in many ways. Here are the common types of small business loans available: Long-Term Loans, Short-Term Loans, Lines of Credit, Alternative Financing.

How to Finance Medium Duty Trucks

Medium Duty Trucks

The American economy heavily depends on medium duty trucks to transport vital goods. According to the American Trucking Association, these goods are more than 70% of US freight tonnage. Industries such as hospitals, food, and beverage use these medium duty trucks to move medicines and goods. Needless to say, without trucks, the US economy could come to a standstill. However, these trucks – including sprinter vans and water trucks – can be expensive. On average, they cost about $80,000 per Read More

Keep Your Business Operating Costs Low

Business Operating Costs

How low can you go? Learn how you can cut monthly expenses for your business. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to save money, over time you would be surprised how much you can save by being a little frugal.  Especially with a small business, every dollar counts even if that means buying generic brand coffee for the employees.  Here are just a few pointers on keeping that overhead low. 1.  Banking fees: Are you paying monthly fees to your bank? Read More