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A line of credit is a credit source extended to a government, business or individual by a bank or other financial institution. A line of credit gives you access to money “on demand.” It’s typically offered by lenders such as banks or credit unions, and, if you qualify, you can draw on it up to a maximum amount for a set period of time. You’ll only pay interest when you borrow on the line of credit.

Bad Credit Business Loans that Won’t Break the Bank

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Bad credit business loans are the best way to finance your business without breaking the bank. If you have a credit score below 630 and have trouble getting financed through more traditional channels, this financing option may work for you. So let’s say that you have a poor credit history.  Lenders then conceive you as a high-risk investment. That means they will charge higher interest rates and offer shorter repayment terms.  All this adds to the degree of a financial Read More

7 Ways to Get a Loan with Bad Credit

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You’re desperate for bad credit loans – especially since you walked in on Monday to discover that essential equipment is out of order. As you think about all the ways you could scrounge up the cash for repairs, your business partner suggests bad credit loans. “Wait, that’s a thing?” you ask. “Totally,” your partner says. “I was looking at bad credit loans last night when I first noticed the machine was acting up.” You take a seat as this all sinks Read More

Choosing the Wrong Company Name for Business Financing

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What’s in a Company Name? Why is picking the right company name so important? What if I told you picking the wrong company name could make or break a deal when it comes to obtaining business financing? Choosing the Wrong Company Name Initials in Your Company Name? From time to time we’ll come across a business name that use initials in the name of the company. That typically means those are the initials of the business owners. But there are some cases where Read More

What to Look for in Commercial Truck Financing Companies

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Commercial Truck Financing Companies and You A quick search of the web will find you more than a few commercial truck financing companies. Researching all of them, weighing the positives and negatives, will take some time. If you’re an owner-operator or small business owner, however, this is time you probably don’t have. To make your job a little easier, we’ve put together a shortlist of the top things to look for when searching for the best commercial truck financing companies. Read More

Business Loans for Business Owners with Good Credit

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Are you a business owner with good credit but the bank turned your loan down? Ever since the credit crisis of 2008, the lending guidelines have drastically tightened up across all financing verticals. When I worked in the mortgage industry, I recall seeing credit reports with credit card balances and/or credit lines from Bank of America in excess of 100k. These borrowers weren’t your top paid professionals; you’re talking about your medium income home buyer. Banks were approving credit cards Read More

Home Builder Needs A Working Capital Loan

Working Capital Loan

“You need money to make money.” Everyone has heard of that saying more than enough times, and it’s very true when it comes to running a small business. If your business is short on working capital, how else do you expect to grow? We recently came across another scenario with a home builder that specialized in building individual homes. Here are some of the obstacles this business was coming across: ·   They had four homes sold and escrow would Read More

Shopping For A Small Business Loan? Who’s The Right Fit For You?

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Are you in the market for a Small Business Loan? Some business owners may not be aware of all the financial products that are available to them, and some might not know the differences between some of them.  In this post, we will go over briefly the different types of financing, and the differences between them so you will be able to determine which one is best for your company. Personal Credit Cards Let’s start with the most common way Read More