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Fun in the workplace is one way of effectively managing and improving employees’ emotions. It’s also proven to improve teamwork, build trusting relationships and increase employee retention.

Do your employees have sufficient customer service skills?

In business, customer service skills are crucial if you are to maintain your customers and make any meaningful sales. If you have several employees working under you, it is important that they all understand the importance of good customer service skills or you will be doing all the positive customer service and they will be undoing all your good work. Below are some outstanding customer service skills that any employee should muster.   Have a smile for all customers This Read More

Allowing your employees to use their cell phones at work

Allowing your employees to use their cell phone at work

  Should you allow cell phones usage in the workplace? The mobile phone is today an important item for the modern man. We put a lot of importance on our hand held phones due to the many important benefits they offer. Today’s phones are not only used to receive and make calls. Mobile phones are now used for sending text messages, sending emails, updating social media sites, taking photos, playing games, and accessing many other applications. As such, the use Read More

How Much Has The Smart Phone Improved Your Productivity?

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  Has the smartphone made us more productive? The smartphone is a technology that has taken people by storm, changing the way they carry out their day-to-day activities. Walking down the street of any modern city, you will find a great portion of the people will be either talking on the phone or punching something into this amazing innovation. When Steve Jobs reinvented the smartphone, he definitely had great dreams for the gadget. He must have been sure that his Read More

How to Avoid Employee Conflict

How to Avoid Employee Conflict

Do you experience drama between employees within the workplace? At the workplace, you can be sure that drama in the form of conflict will raise its ugly head at one time or another. As a leader, you should always be ready and well equipped to deal with any conflict in order to restore a productive working environment. Conflicts that are not resolved on time or those that are not resolved efficiently are likely to develop into bigger problems that might Read More

Quick Tips On How To Ask For Referrals

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If you’re in sales, asking for referrals should be second nature. In today’s competitive world, there are many ways that one could market their products or services. Amongst all the many marketing strategies, referrals are one of the most effective yet inexpensive strategies. This is because all you have to do is to impress one customer and encourage them to spread word about your business. Referrals, unlike many other marketing strategies, carry a lot of weight due to their immediate Read More

How To Make Work Fun For Your Employees

Traditionally, management in any organization has the notion of having all work and no play in the workplace as the formula for great productivity. This has been proven to be untrue and indeed a little play goes a long way in making any workplace more productive. However, it can prove to be quite challenging for management when it comes to drawing a line for things which are acceptable as fun in the office and those that cannot be tolerated. Below Read More

Should You Employ Family Members

Employing family or friends can be questionable   This question has hounded people for a very long time and it will continue being a dilemma for people even in the future. As it is, there is always pressure to hire the people who you know and especially people that you like. This is especially the case when dealing with family members. If you are in a leadership position, you will probably at one time need to make a decision whether Read More

How To Make The Workplace Enjoyable But Professional

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Are your employees happy working for you? Work, no matter how you slice and dice it, is still work. However, converting a workplace into a motivating, fun and happy environment is an entirely different matter. Whether, we fully realize it or not, happiness is one of the primary goals and motivating factors into everything we do. Our decisions are often aligned towards what we believe will bring us more joy. With this in mind, any competitive company should invest and Read More

Do Religion and Politics Mix in Workplace Conversation?

 Let’s also add the Kardashian’s to the list while we’re at it… It has always been understood that religion and politics make for uncomfortable and sometimes incendiary topics for water cooler and conference room conversation at work. Wherever workers meet for eating, drinking, or just lounging within the confines of the office building or factory, in many cases broaching these subjects can be a cause for dismissal. Whether these rules are constitutional or not are left to the judiciaries to Read More

Technology Can Hurt Your Business

Technology Can Hurt Your Business

Is your company too advanced with technology for its own good? The truth is, all businesses need technology in order to compete in today’s competitive climate. Technology is ever-evolving and every day we are seeing with our own eyes how yesterday’s technology seems like it was so long ago. Yes, I know I had a previous post was about how all businesses need to implement technology or risk losing money. Even though I’ve encouraged the use of technology to help Read More