Invoice Factoring

Financing for International Invoice/Receivables

Are you finding it hard to finance your international receivables?

It’s not impossible to get financing on those receivables, but you must know there is a limited amount of companies that can execute in this unique space. While most companies were taking time off enjoying the holidays we have been very busy solidifying more relationships and partnerships that can help compliment our existing business lending programs. This is the newest lending program we were able to add to our lending products. Financing can be executed in over 15 different foreign currencies. If you have a U.S. based company with foreign subsidiaries we can fund your international receivables up to 85% with a maximum of $15,000,000. Your A/R must be less than 180 days, in the case they are over 180 days we have other programs that have different guidelines that might be suitable for what you’re looking for.

Export Finance Services

If your company is exporting products overseas, we also have the ability to finance up to 80% the value of your outstanding export invoices within 24 hours. Again we provide multi-currency facilities as well as have the ability to communicate with your overseas customers in their language when needed.

Additional Financial Services

These are just a few of our programs, here’s are some others that might be more suited for your business:
Government Contract Financing
Freight Invoice Financing
Purchase Order Financing
Staffing Payroll Financing
Non-Recourse Factoring
Non-Notification Factoring

How do I get started?

Just give a call to our office and one of our specialist will be able to answer any of your questions. From there they’ll walk you through the steps needed to proceed.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how to start the process, give one of our business development managers a call at 888-565-6692

Invoice Factoring