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Factoring is a financial arrangement in which a business entity sells its invoices to a third-party lender (factor) at a discounted rate to raise the funds. It is a technique for financing where an outright selling of trade debts takes place between a firm and a factor. The terms and conditions of the transaction are given in the agreement. Businesses prefer factoring to meet their immediate cash flow requirements.

Types of Factoring

Factoring has various types that you must know about. It includes:

Disclosed and Undisclosed Factoring

When the factor’s name is indicated in the invoice by the seller, it is called disclosed factoring. When, on the other hand, the name of a factor isn’t mentioned on the invoice, it is undisclosed factoring. In the latter, the factor maintains the sales ledger of the seller and has full control over it.

Recourse & Non-Recourse Factoring

In recourse factoring, financial institution will resort to the seller when debts aren’t recovered. Credit risk remains with the seller. But, factor can’t go to the seller in the non-recourse factoring even if a debt remains unrecovered.

Advance and Maturity Factoring

When the factor gives advance payment to the client in lieu of uncollected invoice, it is called advance factoring. Maturity factoring is the process when factor doesn’t give any advance to the firm. The money, rather, is collected by the bank.

The Process of Factoring

Factoring helps in maintaining the sales ledger of the seller or business entity. The factor is responsible to take care of sale transactions. It finances the business for its cash needs. But, there is a definite process that a business must follow for this working capital finance.

• The business entity raises invoice against the sale of its goods or services.
• It sends the invoices to the factor for verification and funding.
• After verification, the factor will pay 75-80% of the funds.
• The Factor waits to receive payments from the customers.
• Upon receiving the payments, factor pays the remaining amount as well.
• There may be an upfront fee charged by the factor. It depends on the agreement between the parties.

Heavy Duty Tractor & Trailers Factoring

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Benefits of Freight Factoring

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What is Freight Factoring?

Commercial Truck Financing

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Post-Irma Rebuild Replacement Construction Equipment and Invoice Factoring

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Freight Factoring vs Trucking Factoring

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Telecommunications Financing

Telecommunications Financing

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Invoice Factoring

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