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Education finance refers to governmental and organizational processes by which revenues are generated (through taxation, tuition, fees, and philanthropy), distributed, and expended for the operational and capital support of formal schooling.

How to improve your credit for 2016

How To Clean Your Credit

Your credit score is very important as it determines how willing lenders will be to lend you money. A good credit score will help you get better mortgages, credit cards accounts, and other items such as car insurance, mobile phone contracts, bank accounts, and other financial products. A bad credit score will make life hard for you when trying to get a loan or when trying to get the best deal when purchasing financial products. If you intend to improve Read More

How to Avoid Employee Conflict

How to Avoid Employee Conflict

Do you experience drama between employees within the workplace? At the workplace, you can be sure that drama in the form of conflict will raise its ugly head at one time or another. As a leader, you should always be ready and well equipped to deal with any conflict in order to restore a productive working environment. Conflicts that are not resolved on time or those that are not resolved efficiently are likely to develop into bigger problems that might Read More

Inexpensive Ways To Keep Employees Motivated

Thank You

A simple “thank you” goes a long way and is a huge motivator! Many times, we hear disgruntled employees moan about their jobs and many times, they have cause to complain due to their superiors’ unappreciative nature. As a superior, there is what you expect from your employees, and for this, you pay them a salary or wage. If an employee goes out of their way and does extra, it is important to notice the effort and if possible reward Read More

How To Make Work Fun For Your Employees

Traditionally, management in any organization has the notion of having all work and no play in the workplace as the formula for great productivity. This has been proven to be untrue and indeed a little play goes a long way in making any workplace more productive. However, it can prove to be quite challenging for management when it comes to drawing a line for things which are acceptable as fun in the office and those that cannot be tolerated. Below Read More

Ways To Grow Your Small Business

Grow Your Small Business

Are you looking to grow your business? The primary goal of every business is growth. After all, it’s the American way – no one wants to stagnate or worse, fail. Nonetheless, business growth especially for start-ups is no walk in the park. It feels more like climbing a steep mountain that is icy and rocky. If you want to get to the top, you need to learn how to navigate the path before you. Sometimes they are marked, most of Read More

How To Reward Employees Without Breaking The Bank

Thank You

It doesn’t have to be expensive when rewarding your employees Whether you are managing three personnel or a team of thirty, recognizing and rewarding the accomplishments of your employees is critically important. Taking the time so say “job well done” will not only help boost morale, it can also prevent turnover. However, while reward vouchers and bonus schemes are the norm, the recent economic challenges dictate small business owners to seek more cost-effective alternatives to reward employees. So how do Read More

Magic Johnson’s Game Plan Amid Sterling Controversy

  Magic Johnson’s Game Plan Amid Sterling Controversy And just like that, the world seemed to have turned upside down for current owner of Los Angeles Clippers Donald Sterling. This is following the unpleasant controversy surrounding the racially charged comments he allegedly made in one of the private conversations with his girlfriend. A Win-Win Exit Strategy This prompted the NBA to ban Sterling for life as a sanction, which brings us to question, what would be his exit strategy given Read More

What Could You Outsource?

What Could You Outsource

If you are a small business owner its very possible that you are burning the candle at both ends.  Studies have proven that in the first ten years following start-ups, small business owners are some of the hardest working people in the nation.  You are also likely to be a person who finds it difficult to trust others with “your baby.”  After all, you have your blood, sweat, tears and your money wrapped up in your dream. But maybe its Read More

Thinking About Opening A School Or University?

International American University

Los Angeles business owner tells us about his business in education. To continue our new series of interviews with some local small business owners, we got in the mind of this managing partner in education, and hopefully from his experience other business owners can learn something. We didn’t want our articles to only have information about business loans or financing.  So todays article is about someone whose business is important to our future. We were fortunate enough to sit with Read More

Is There An Alternative For Small Businesses Financing

Is there Alternative Financing for Small Businesses?

Banks aren’t the only ones lending out money to small businesses If you already contacted your business banker, you might already be aware of the bank requirements if you want a working capital loan from them. Traditionally banks are looking for businesses that have a history of good credit from the business owners. If the business has multiple owners, and they own more than 20% share of the company, the bank will require those owners to be on the loan. Read More