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Need Custom Semi Truck Financing? First Capital Business Finance Is the Solution

Semi Truck Financing - First Capital Business Finance

According to the American Trucking Associations, over 90% of trucking companies have less than six trucks. And Convoy estimates that over 10% of drivers are owner-operators. That means the trucking industry is primarily driven by small businesses. If you’re interested in becoming an owner-operator, semi truck financing gives you the terms you need to buy the right vehicle. At First Capital Business Finance, we provide customized commercial truck financing that adapts to your business more than traditional loans ever could. Read More

What Are The Semi Truck Financing Requirements?

Semi Truck Financing Requirements - First Capital Business

What Are The Semi Truck Financing Requirements That You Need To Qualify? Is it time to grow your transportation business? Semi truck financing can help you reach your goals. The right loan or lease makes it easy to get the trucks and equipment you need. What are the requirements? The specific semi truck financing requirements depend on whether you’re applying for commercial truck financing, a title loan, or a lease. For success, plan on six essentials. 1. Down Payment Most Read More