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Should You Rent or Buy Heavy Equipment?

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Is it Easier to Rent or Buy Heavy Equipment? Do you currently rent or lease your equipment but are looking into buying? Many business owners come across this path and the decision is very crucial to the financial health of the company. No matter where you business stands, it’s important to figure out what’s best. Whether you want to rent or buy heavy equipment, you need to know the pros and cons. First Capital is familiar with helping our clients in Read More

Make the Holidays Great Again with Commercial Title Loans

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Spend Your Holiday Stress Free The holidays are the time of the year when people spend a lot of money. Whether it’s for holiday food, travel, or even gifts, it’s likely that you’ll spend more than what you want to. Some of us may even need to spend more than we have in the bank. If you’re an owner/operator and need money to help cover your holiday expenses, First Capital has you covered. With our commercial title loans for trucks and trailers, Read More

Financing Programs for Scissor, Telescopic Boom & Articulated Lifts

Are You Renting Lifts & Considering Buying One? Lifts are a very common piece of equipment that is being rented instead of purchased. Every business owner will more than likely come to a point where buying the piece of equipment makes more sense instead of renting one. We’ve heard plenty of stories over the years, where a business owner contacts us and starts off the conversation with…“I’m currently renting a lift and I’m considering to purchase one instead. I’ve been Read More