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6 Ways Medical Equipment Loans Can Help You

Medical Equipment Loans Program Lenders

Equipment Financing for Medical Clinics, Offices, and Related Practices Medical Equipment Loans are designed to help you grow your medical clinic, office, or related practice. Without the capital needed to invest in adequate medical equipment, however, getting your practice off the ground can be an uphill battle, or non-starter altogether. Our clients use our business loans and medical equipment financing programs for a variety of reasons. Here are the top 6 reasons why they choose medical equipment loans to help grow Read More

Choosing the Wrong Company Name for Business Financing

Wrong Company Name for Business Financing

What’s in a Company Name? Why is picking the right company name so important? What if I told you picking the wrong company name could make or break a deal when it comes to obtaining business financing? Choosing the Wrong Company Name Initials in Your Company Name? From time to time we’ll come across a business name that use initials in the name of the company. That typically means those are the initials of the business owners. But there are some cases where Read More