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Heavy Equipment Financing for Dummies

Heavy Equipment Financing For Dummies

How Can I Afford the Heavy Equipment My Business Needs? Do you need heavy equipment financing for dummies? Looking for the basics? Well, if you are looking to purchase new heavy machinery for your business, yet you don’t have the cash to do so, you may wonder what your options are. In such a situation, you have two primary choices. You can either take out a business loan or lease the equipment you need. Learning about these options will help you make Read More

Fuel Saving Tips For Big Rigs

As an owner operator one of largest expenses you have is fuel and maintenance on your truck. Luckily gas prices are down right now, but let’s not forget where prices were almost double todays price. Those days will be back, and you’ll want to make sure you are already taking the right step forward on saving fuel. Don’t worry, there’s technology to help you with these tasks to make this easier on you!   Aerodynamics These trucks are built & Read More

7 Clear Reasons to Consider Construction Equipment Financing

Construction Equipment Financing It isn’t uncommon for construction companies to finance construction equipment. After all, this type of equipment is expensive, yet it is necessary to perform the work. If you are considering getting a construction equipment loan, here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea: Flexible Financial Solutions When it comes to financing construction equipment, there are a number of solutions available at your disposal. In addition, these solutions – particularly construction equipment leases – can be Read More

Do your employees have sufficient customer service skills?

In business, customer service skills are crucial if you are to maintain your customers and make any meaningful sales. If you have several employees working under you, it is important that they all understand the importance of good customer service skills or you will be doing all the positive customer service and they will be undoing all your good work. Below are some outstanding customer service skills that any employee should muster.   Have a smile for all customers This Read More