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4 Traits of Successful Business Owners

Restaurant Equipment Financing

Restaurant Equipment Leasing Becoming a business owner is a huge undertaking, especially in the restaurant business. You might find that expenses are higher than expected, or you need a new piece of equipment right away to replace an older unit. First Capital provides restaurant equipment leasing for anything you might need. Not everyone who sets out on the path of business ownership is exactly prepared for what lies ahead of them. However, just because an individual may lack a few Read More

How to improve your credit for 2016

Your credit score is very important as it determines how willing lenders will be to lend you money. A good credit score will help you get better mortgages, credit cards accounts, and other items such as car insurance, mobile phone contracts, bank accounts, and other financial products. A bad credit score will make life hard for you when trying to get a loan or when trying to get the best deal when purchasing financial products. If you intend to improve Read More

Old School Business Practices That Need To Make a Comeback

Heavy equipment financing

Heavy Equipment Financing Today businesses have a wealth of technological advances at their disposal that can make things go faster and more efficiently. Although many of these advances are a saving grace and help keep business up to speed in the competition of their industry, there are many old school business practices of yesteryear that have fallen by the wayside with some negative consequences. What are some good old school business practices that we need to see in today’s businesses? Read More