Monthly Archives for February 2014

Marijuana Dispensary Loan

Is it impossible to get financing for your medical marijuana business? Even though there was groundbreaking news that came from the Feds two weeks ago, more than likely it’ll be quite a long time before you see banks willing to lend in this industry. Last Friday the U.S. Treasury stated it would be legal for banks to provide financial services to marijuana-related businesses. However this is not the end of the banking issue, there needs to be clarity for the Read More

Invoice Factoring

Are you finding it hard to finance your international receivables? It’s not impossible to get financing on those receivables, but you must know there is a limited amount of companies that can execute in this unique space. While most companies were taking time off enjoying the holidays we have been very busy solidifying more relationships and partnerships that can help compliment our existing business lending programs. This is the newest lending program we were able to add to our lending Read More