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How to Obtain Working Capital for your Business

Are you finding it hard to get working capital for your business? The obvious solution is for the owner(s) to infuse funds into the company.  But if that’s not a viable solution, what else is there?  Of course using a credit card would be the fastest way, but is that credit card a business credit card or personal credit card?  Will the credit card company charge you additional fees if you take a cash advance?  Are there limitations to that Read More

How Do You Track Your Leads?

Are you losing track of your possible clients?   Whether you are selling solar panels or nutritional supplements, you need to be keeping track of all your prospects.  If your way of keeping track of leads is with a pen and paper, you might be losing money!  I can remember one of my first jobs I had when I was first starting in the workforce I was working for a company who kept their sales leads on index cards.  Each Read More

How Does Merchant Funding Work?

Learn how merchant funding works: Are you a business owner who accepts credit cards as a form of payment?  Maybe merchant funding can help your business with the extra working capital it might need.  If you are strapped for cash and have found out that the banks aren’t lending to business owners as frequently, this is a great solution if you’re in need of cash for your business immediately.  Merchant funding also known as merchant cash advance is another type Read More

Starting a New Business With a Smaller Budget?

I guess depending on what industry you are in, will depend on the type of equipment, staff, supplies and space needed for your new business.  But let’s start with one of the larger expenses and commitments, which would be your location.  If you can start your business from your home or place of residence, you will not only save on rent, but you will relieve yourself from the commitment for the office lease.  Most office leases these days are anywhere Read More

5 Steps To Starting A New Business

starting a new business

Are you expecting a tax refund? Why not take that refund and start your home business!   It’s not as expensive as you may think. Invest in yourself and in your future.  Have you been yearning to start a home business to secure your future? Now couldn’t be a better time!  We have created some simple action items on what you should do if you’re interested in starting a new business. 1.  Research your market:  I know it’s more fun Read More

Personal Use of Work Computers: Good or Bad?

using work computer for personal issues

Do you allow your employees personal use of work computers? Some workplaces have learned the financial cost associated with allowing their staff to access the internet. And some companies have figured out by not allowing access to the internet, it, too, can have a financial risk to the bottom line. There is software out there than can be installed on individual computers to limit access to specific domains, or, in some workplaces, even block all internet access. However, completely denying Read More

Dr. Gerald “Jerry” Buss Rest In Peace

Sad news today, and Laker fans across the world will be mourning the loss of the great Dr. Jerry Buss.  At the age of 80, longtime owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, Dr. Buss passed away early this morning after battling cancer.  This man has one of the greatest self-made multi-millionaire stories out there. This man was not just a business owner, but he was an innovator and creator of what the NBA has become today, especially with the Lakers. Read More

Business Cash Advance vs Small Business Loan

What are the main differences between business cash advance and a small business loan? Let’s start off with what is a Business Cash Advance.  Business Cash Advance is also known as “merchant cash advance” or “merchant funding”, it is a tool used by businesses who currently is accepting credit card payments.  Your business will need to have historical credit card processing for this type of loan program. Typically small business loans are 50% less expensive than a business cash advance Read More

Should You Get a Business Loan From Your Bank?

business cash advance

Are you wondering if you should get a business loan from your bank? A lot of people are, so you’re not alone. Read on to find out if the bank loan is the best option for you, or if you should choose a different path. Talk to Our Financial Advisers When looking for working capital for your business, you should think about the following questions. 1.  How fast do you need the funds? Typically with a business loan from a Read More

Do You Know Your Credit Score

It’s been told many times, take good care of your credit, I’m sure you have either heard this from your parents, friends, colleagues or the media.  As you already probably know, we are a credit driven society and your credit is your future wealth. What do I mean by this? Without credit, it may be more difficult or impossible for you to achieve assets or the ability to grow your net worth. Now I’m not saying if you have no Read More