Blast Chiller Financing

Blast Chiller Financing is available through our equipment leasing department. Keeping your food fresh and protecting the integrity and taste of your food is a priority. We understand the need for quality equipment in your kitchen, and it can be a challenge to obtain the right financing when purchasing restaurant equipment. First Capital Business Finance offers a wide variety of programs for our clients. Whether you have good or challenging credit, we can assist you in obtaining financing options that best suit your needs.

blast chiller selection

What type of financing is available?

First Capital Business Finance offers 24 to 84 month terms, and we have programs that can finance up to $10 million dollar transactions and as little as $5,000. We can provide financing on both startup and existing businesses. We understand some business owners might have some difficulty obtaining financing through traditional means like through their bank or credit union. That’s where we shine, we are the premier alternative solution for financing businesses.

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To learn more about our financing programs, please call us at 888-565-6692